As co-founder at ZB App Studio, a cross-platform mobile application design and development company, I act as a developer and product manager. Depending on the project, I also assume the roles of strategist, designer, analyst, or project manager. I work closely with our other developer to define features and requirements, create product roadmaps, bring products to market, and monitor existing products.


Merge Healthcare App Prototype

Merge Healthcare - acquired by IBM for $1 billion in October 2015 - partnered with ZB App Studio (formerly Zippy Brain) to develop an app prototype to showcase at RSNA 2015. The goal of the app is to provide Merge's end users (physicians, technologists, and site leaders) with a single portal to interact with Merge's various services. This app acts as a route for inexpensive communication with users, incentivizes users to enroll in online learning, improves the efficiency of service requests and more.

Merge Healthcare Screenshot

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Limitless Fortune: Orbital Trade and Investment - iOS

It's Space Trader meets Wall Street Survivor. Travel the solar system while learning a wide variety of financial concepts. To succeed, you need to budget, save, invest, and trade. Featured by Ionic Framework as "one of the most beautiful apps built with Ionic" .

If you want to learn more, visit, read my post, "What is Limitless Fortune?", or watch my YouTube video series, [Let's Play] Limitless Fortune: Orbital Trade and Investment (iOS).

WealthSim Beta App Screenshot 1
WealthSim Beta App Screenshot 2
WealthSim Beta App Screenshot 3

Ramen Shop 2083: Cyberpunk Restaurant Management - iOS

It’s the year 2083. Humans are rare, and hordes of demented robots now roam the streets. As one of the last humans alive, you have a chance to find success running a ramen shop. It won’t be easy though. You'll need to create dishes that satisfy strange customers, serve bowls quickly, upgrade your restaurant, and develop relationships with the city’s most powerful factions.

Ramen Shop 2083 App Screenshot 1
Ramen Shop 2083  App Screenshot 2
Ramen Shop 2083  App Screenshot 3
Sunny LA App Screenshot

Sunny LA: Trek to Hollywood Hills - iOS

In this strategy and resource management game, you need to plan your route, manage provisions, and keep your reputation high as you travel through the endless streets, avenues, and boulevards of Los Angeles.

You only have until the end of the weekend to make it to the party in Hollywood Hills. Too bad you’re in Venice, 16 miles away. If you make it in time, everyone in the industry will see how cool you are. If you don’t, you probably aren’t going to make it in this town.

Fight the Fire - iOS

Fight the Fire began as a simple wildfire spread simulation demo at a Startup Weekend. With the help of former wildland firefighter Ariel Strong, we developed it into a fullly-featured educational strategy game with 50 levels and a variety of gameplay options. Fight the Fire has been featured in the firefighting trade publication, Firehouse.

Fight the Fire Screenshot

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Santa Monica Parking: Public Garage and Lot Status - iOS

This app gives you access to live public parking data for Santa Monica. Garage status can be viewed on a map or in a searchable table. All information is retrieved from the City of Santa Monica's Parking Data API.

Built with AngularJS and Ionic using the LumX front-end framework

Try the web version live on Amazon EC2

Parking App Screenshot

Stratus Weather: Hyperlocal Conditions and Forecasts - iOS

This app allows you to view weather data for both your current location and for any searchable location, including addresses, monuments, or place names. Specific location lookups are powered by Google's Geocoding Service. Weather data is powered by, which can return highly localized forecasts and conditions.

Built with AngularJS and Ionic

Weather App Screenshot

Upline: Realtime Ski Lift Status and Weather - iOS

Note: For now, I have removed Upline from the App Store to reduce server costs.

Upline gives you realtime access to lift status and weather at dozens of ski resorts in both the US and Europe. Live ski lift status is powered by an instance of Liftie. Weather data is powered by

Built with AngularJS and Ionic

Upline App Screenshot 1
Upline App Screenshot 2
Upline App Screenshot 3

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